Lawn Mower Races

Fire Department and
Community Club to Host
Lawn Mower Races

The Crazy Racers from Pukwana will be in Armour at 6 p.m. Saturday, June 6, for a night of lawn mower racing. The event will be held out at the 4-H Grounds.

There are three classes of racers – Stock Class, Modified Class and Outlaw Class. Armour’s Raymond Bigge is a racer and this year has moved up to the Outlaw Class. He has a brand new mower and competition is really fierce. Aaron Punt of Armour will be making his racing debut in the Stock Class.

This is a fun event for the entire family. If you missed the races in Armour last year, be sure to attend this weekend. Refreshments, hot dogs and burgers will be sold. Come early for dinner and spend the evening!

The races will also be held in Armour on Saturday, July 25, with a dance following and Saturday, September 26.